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Project on GitHub

Dochameleon is aware of GitHub conventions. Follow this steps to quickly create website for your GitHub project.


Just make sure run dochameleon-init at your project repo root.

> cd $path_to_project$
> dochameleon-init
> cd website
> npm run start


Modify siteConfig.js with your project information, particularly:

  • projectName

  • title

  • copyright

  • rootUrl

  • baseUrl

  • icon

  • favicon


By default Dochameleon loads docs from website/docs. You may copy files over, or just change the config. For example, by GitHub convention it is the docs folder under your repo. Add this line to your website/siteConfig.js

docsDir: '../docs'

Caution: Do not set docsDir and buildDir to the same path, since building process would remove and add files.


In case you have assets like images, put them under docs/assets folder of your repo. Dochameleon will keep them so the references still work as usual.

Home Page

You may want to make as home page instead of the default one.

The library actually has already created a readme.html page with your You may just copy this source code

cp node_modules/dochameleon/lib/core/pages/readme.js pages/index.js

Now npm run start.

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